Johnny Castellano is MINE

This is more than love. This is more than rebellion.
This is a twisted tale of pain and perfection.

Acclaimed Canberra playwright Emma Gibson re-imagines Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid as a supernatural psychological thriller in this sharp-edged, full-throttled ride into the limits of human torment.

Johnny Castellano is Mine follows Alice across time to on her quest to find a way to reach town heart-throb Johnny Castellano and escape the prison of unreliable memories she finds herself trapped in.

Produced as the first collaboration between The Street and Canberra Youth Theatre.

Canberra Critics’ Circle Award 2015

Johhny Castellano is Mine

“Johnny Castellano is Mine is worth more than the hour it lasts on stage.  It lives on in one’s imagination as good theatre should.” Canberra Critics’ Circle

“This realisation of Gibson’s script, developed between Canberra Youth Theatre and The Street, is powerful and disturbing.” The Age

“Gibson uses just one character in Johnny Castellano is Mine to trace the surreal and compelling journey of self-absorbed teenager, Alice, who falls desperately in love with the school dreamboat.” Australian Arts Review

“Gibson’s play strips a person down to the layers below all pretence and lays bare the yearnings and magnetism that propels personal action into the realms of the grotesque.” CityNews

“Gibson’s text is a tightly scripted prose poem, which benefited from Karla Conway’s direction, who was able to show the light and humour in this tragedy. … This hypnotising and disturbing play was well realised by a talented team.”  Stage Whispers

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